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Eclipse Cloud DevTools Digest - October, 2022

Tuesday, November 8, 2022 - 13:20 by John Kellerman

Rob Moran is Cloud DevTools Contributor of the Year

The votes are in and tallied. Congratulations to Rob Moran of Arm for his contributions as lead of the Emebdded SIG. Well earned!

Philip Langer and Tobias Ortmayr Receive Eclipse 2022 Awards

Announced at EclipseCon 2022, EclipseSource's Philip Langer and Tobias Ortmayr were voted, respectively, Top Newcomer Evangelist and Top Contributor in 2022 by the Eclipse Community. Philip is a contributor to Eclipse Cloud DevTools projects Theia, CDT Cloud, GLSP, Sprotty, and EMF Cloud. Tobias contributes to EMF Cloud, GLSP, Theia and Sprotty. Congratulations Philip and Tobias, well earned!

This Month's Top Cloud DevTools Contributor - Aart van Baren

Aart var Baren is this month's top Cloud DevTools contributor. Aart, an independent software consultant with Precies Software currently working with both the Eclipse Foundation and Gitpod.io, continues to be a prolific contributor to both the Open VSX open source project and Eclipse Foundation deployment at open-vsx.org. Thanks for your contributions, Aart!

Cloud DevTools Community Meetup

Thanks to all who participated in Cloud DevTools Community Meetup at EclipseCon 2022. We had a full agenda and entertaining discussions. Some that continued well into the evening!

Theia turns 5!

The Eclipse Foundation announces the fifth anniversary of Eclipse Theia, including the introduction of a new quarterly community release cadence. The idea is a new quarterly release cadence where a release candidate is published a month in adavance to allow for hardening and compatibility with related technologies such as GLSP and CDT.Cloud.

Theia 1.30

In parallel with the first Community Release, Jonas, Maximllian, and Philip announce 1.30. Enhancements include that start of work for detachable views with experimental support for detachable WebViews, markddown support for tooltips and configurable Github decorations. Full detail in the New and Noteworthy.


TheiaCon 2022 Agenda

TheiaCon 2022 Agenda is set! We have a great lineup of speakers and topics.  The program includes 25 minute presentations (including demos), expert panel discussions and 5 minute “lightning talks.” Register and join us for our 2nd annual TheiaCon event to be held November 30 - December 1, 2022; a 2-day virtual event.

Cloud Tool Time Webinars

We still have some 2022 Cloud Tool Time slots available. Sign up now to tell your story. You can see past sessions on our Youtube channel.

Eclipse Cloud DevTools Projects

Explore the Eclipse Cloud DevTools ecosystem! Check out our projects page to find out more about open source innovation for cloud IDEs, extension marketplaces, frameworks and more.

Getting Listed on the Cloud DevTools Blog

If you are working with, or on, anything in the Cloud DevTools space, learn how to get your writings posted in our blog section.