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Join the Conversation: The 2024 IoT & Embedded Developer Survey is Now Open!

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 - 12:41 by Clark Roundy

Exciting news - the 2024 IoT & Embedded Developer Survey is now open! This comprehensive survey provides developers and industry professionals with a unique opportunity to shape the future of IoT and embedded systems by sharing their insights and experiences.

Since 2015, we've been at the forefront of exploring the IoT development landscape, uncovering invaluable insights into the challenges faced by developers, the usage of programming languages, operating systems, architectures, and the industries that benefit from IoT innovation.

Last year's survey highlighted the prominence of AI in edge computing workloads, identified industrial automation and agriculture as leading IoT & edge market segments, and noted an overall increase in development activities across all sectors. Your input is crucial in assessing how the landscape has evolved since then.

This year, our focus extends to the embedded systems industry, looking into whether the factors impacting IoT development are also influencing embedded developers. Key areas of focus include:

  • Security and Deployment Concerns: What are the challenges and priorities of today's developers amidst growing cybersecurity concerns?
  • Open Source Engagement: How are developers engaging with open source projects to drive innovation within IoT and embedded applications? 
  • Developer Preferences: What features and functionality do developers prioritise when it comes to application development frameworks?
  • Influence of Safety Certifications: How do safety certifications impact adoption of operating systems or other software components in embedded applications?
  • Hardware Platforms: Which architectures are favoured by device designers? 
  • Operating Systems: What are the dominant real-time operating systems for embedded devices? What are the preferred options for edge nodes?

Powered by Participation

Join us in shaping the future of IoT and embedded systems. Your input is essential in highlighting technologies, tools, and practices that drive innovation and identifying areas needing support. By participating, you not only contribute to an invaluable industry resource, but also gain insights that can help guide your own strategies and development efforts.

You can also help by sharing the survey within your network. The more voices we hear, the clearer the picture we can paint of the IoT and embedded systems landscape.

Take the survey now – it only takes 10 minutes, and your responses are completely confidential. Let's shape the future of IoT and embedded systems together!