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Rodrigo Pinto: Eclipse Cloud DevTools Contributor of the Month!

Monday, March 6, 2023 - 14:11 by John Kellerman

The Eclipse Cloud DevTools contributor award for this month goes to Rodrigo Pinto of Ericsson for his significant contributions to Trace Compass Cloud and the Eclipse Cloud DevTools Ecosystem. He is a committer on Trace Compass’s UI components based on Eclipse Theia. To hear him, check out his talk at TheiaCon 2022.

Rodrigo has worked on the Trace Compass project and innovated it in many positive ways. To start, he has helped make the UI faster and more responsive. One of his key contributions was progressive loading in Eclipse Trace Compass. When loading a multi-gigabyte or terabyte sized trace, now the user can see the progress in an intuitive way. Rodrigo’s focus on making data more digestible brings great value to the project. He is working on porting trace compass to a VS Code extension.

Rodrigo is the ideal open source engineer, as he balances strong empathy, a curiosity towards new platforms and techniques as well as a drive for improvements. He has worked diligently on many aspects of his own volition, such as improving documentation and training videos. These items are not in the git log of a project, but contribute to them in an equal way. He is proof that a project is more than its code. Rodrigo has always driven to make Trace Compass a more inclusive environment by ramping up new talent whenever he could.
He has also collaborated with UX developers and universities to help build the community.

These and many more reasons are why this Eclipse Cloud DevTools contributor award is very well deserved, congratulations Rodrigo!

The Cloud DevTools Working Group provides a vendor-neutral ecosystem of open-source projects focused on defining, implementing and promoting best-in-class web and cloud-based development tools. It is hosted at the Eclipse Foundation, current members of the group include Ericsson, IBM, Obeo, RedHat, SAP, AMD, Arm, EclipseSource, Renesas, STMicroelectronics and TypeFox.

This Eclipse Cloud DevTools contributor award is sponsored by EclipseSource, providing consulting and implementation services for web-based tools, Eclipse GLSPEclipse Theia, and VS Code.