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Embedded SIG Evolves to CDT Cloud Project

Monday, August 21, 2023 - 12:39 by John Kellerman

The Embedded Special Interest Group (SIG) hosted as part of the Eclipse Cloud DevTools working group has now evolved into the CDT Cloud project. This reflects the growth and continuously high level of activity in the group, which has outgrown the original governance structure and matured into the establishment of several active open source initiatives under the CDT Cloud umbrella.

The Embedded SIG has been an open collaboration of embedded vendors and service providers, with the goal of strengthening the open source ecosystem for building web- and cloud-based tools used for C/C++ development and embedded development. Current members of the group include Arm, EclipseSource, Ericsson, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, and AMD. You can learn more about the various CDT Cloud technical initiatives in this blog post about the Embedded SIG. One of the major achievements of the SIG was aligning and channeling several open source initiatives into the CDT Cloud project.

The CDT Cloud SIG has worked on a number of successful initiatives, including a memory inspector, TraceCompass Cloud or the CDT GDB DAP Adapter. Probably the most important achievement was the creation of the CDT Cloud project itself. CDT Cloud is an umbrella project hosting open source components for building custom web-based C/C++ tools such as Trace Compass Cloud and the CDT Cloud Amalgamator. With CDT Cloud Blueprint, the project provides a ready-to-be-used template tool (see screenshot below). Please visit the CDT Cloud website for more information about the sub components and initiatives of the CDT Cloud project.

A great big thanks to Rob Moran who has been the chair for the Embedded SIG over several years and largely responsible for its success. Rob has consequently also taken a leading role in the CDT Cloud project.

If you are interested in joining the ecosystem or learn more about it, there is an open monthly call to meet the community of CDT Cloud!