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Eclipse Cloud DevTools Digest - November and December 2023

Wednesday, January 17, 2024 - 14:57 by John Kellerman


Theia Announces Full Compatibility with VS Code Extension API

Theia IDE

In his blog, Mike Milinkovich announced a significant achievement in the development of Theia: to wit, full compatibility with the Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension API. This is a  major milestone in the evolution of Theia toward a universally adaptable development environment.

Contributor Awards to Tobias Ortmayr and Dominik Bork

The Cloud Dev Tools Working Group presented Contributor of the Month awards to Tobias Ortmayr for his continued work improving the performance of Theia and to Dominik Bork bringing academia, industry and open source closer together. 

On Building Cloud Native Modeling Tools

Jonas, Maximilian & Philip, in this article, wrote about a talk they gave at EclipseCon 2023 on building cloud native modeling tools using modern web-based open source technologies like  EMF Cloud, Langium and GLSP.

On Building Diagrams with GLSP

In another article, Jonas, Maximilian & Philip also write about another talk they gave at EclipseCon 2023 about building diagramming tools using GLSP that are more testable, collaborative, and accessible (through improved keyboard navigation and metadata annotations).

Theia Releases 1.44 and 1.45

Theia released 1.44 and 1.45 adding support for a "portable mode" keeping user data with the Theia application, language icons, improvements for secondary windows, search history, and saving untitled files.

Theia Community Release 2023-11

Theia also released their Community Release 2023-11 based on Theia 1.43. Community releases are provided once a quarter with a dedicated release branch that allows contributors to further harden and even hotfix a community release.  To learn more about the advantages of the Theia community release, visit the Theia release page.

Other Recent Releases

Cloud Tool Time Webinars

We are now scheduling Cloud Tool Time webinars for 2023. Be sure to Sign up now to get on the calendar and let us help tell your story. You can see past sessions on our Youtube channel.

Eclipse Cloud DevTools Projects

Eclipse Cloud DevTools

Explore the Eclipse Cloud DevTools ecosystem! Check out our projects page to find out more about open source innovation for cloud IDEs, extension marketplaces, frameworks and more.

Getting Listed on the Cloud DevTools Blog

If you are working with, or on, anything in the Cloud DevTools space, learn how to get your writings posted in our blog section.