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Eclipse Cloud DevTools Digest - May and June 2023

Thursday, July 13, 2023 - 14:11 by John Kellerman

Open VSX Working Group Formed

We announced the formation of a working group to take responsibility for the Open VSX Registry deployment. The working group’s mandate is to supervise and expedite the adoption of the Open VSX Registry, a vendor-neutral, community-backed alternative to Microsoft’s Visual Studio Marketplace. Initial members include Google, Huawei, Posit, Salesforce, Siemens and STMicroelectronics.

Open VSX Registry Recognized by SD Times

In a related article, SD Times recognized Open VSX Registry as its open source project of the week.

Contributor Awards to Red Hat and Yining Wang

Cloud DevTools recognized Yining Wang of Ericsson in May for her contributions to github.com/eclipse/openvsx and github.com/EclipseFdn/open-vsx.org and the deployment at Open VSX Registry. We also recognized Red Hat in June for its initial contribution of the VS Code Extension API to Theia. This allows regular VS Code extensions to run directly in Theia and any Theia-based product. 

CDT Cloud Blueprint

In a series of three articles, Jonas, Maximillian and Philip discuss CDT Cloud Blueprint, a customizable tool for C/C++ development based on web technologies: introduction, getting started, dynamic toolbar

Langium Becomes a Cloud DevTools Project

The Cloud DevTools Steering Committee voted to include Langium as a project of interest to the working group. Langium is an open source language engineering tool, written in TypeScript and running in Node.js, with support for the Language Server Protocol. It enables domain-specific languages in VS Code, Eclipse Theia, web applications, and more. 

JKube 1.13 is Available

Eclipse JKube 1.13 is now available. Improvements include support for Helm Chart YAML fragments and the introduction of a security profile to improve the overall security of the generated Kubernetes resources.

Multiple Theia Releases

The Eclipse Theia Community Release 2023-05 is available. Community releases are provided every quarter by the Theia project and designed to be more hardened releases that tend to align with related technologies, such as Eclipse GLSP or CDT Cloud. Learn more about the advantages of the Theia community release and visit the Theia release page.

Eclipse Theia 1.37 Release adds improvements to tabs, keybindings and support for VS Code Extensions API 1.74.2.

Eclipse Theia 1.38 Release adds further improvements to tabs, workspace search and support for VS Code Extensions API 1.77.

TheiaCon 2023 and Community Day at EclipseCon Events

The Eclipse Cloud DevTools and Open VSX Working Groups will be co-hosting a Community Day event at EclipseCon on October 16th. Last year’s Community Day was well-attended and a very informative and enjoyable time was had by all. Be sure to submit your topics for this years event.

The Call for Presentations is also now live for TheiaCon 2023, which will be held virtually on November 15-16. We look forward to another excellent program and encourage you to submit your proposals early. 

Cloud Tool Time Webinars

We are now scheduling Cloud Tool Time webinars for 2023. Be sure to Sign up now to get on the calendar and let us help tell your story. You can see past sessions on our Youtube channel.

Eclipse Cloud DevTools Projects

Explore the Eclipse Cloud DevTools ecosystem! Check out our projects page to find out more about open source innovation for cloud IDEs, extension marketplaces, frameworks and more.

Getting Listed on the Cloud DevTools Blog

If you are working with, or on, anything in the Cloud DevTools space, learn how to get your writings posted in our blog section.