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Eclipse Cloud DevTools Digest - May, 2022

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 - 14:38 by John Kellerman

Eclipse Cloud Dev Tools Working Group happenings for May, 2022; Arduino, Theia, JKube, and Cloud IDE Days recordings.

Getting Started with Theia

Building an IDE that runs both in the cloud and on the desktop can be a daunting experience. In this article, Jonas, Maximilian & Philip provide a nice, approachable introduction to Theia and getting started with it, including similarities and differences with VS Code.

Cloud DevTools Featured in May Eclipse Newsletter

The May Eclipse Newsletter featured the Cloud DevTools Working Group and its project, including articles on Che, Theia, Langium, and JKube.

Cloud IDE Days Recordings are Available

I mentioned last month what a success Cloud DevTools Cloud IDE Days 2022 was and to stay tuned for recordings. Well, they're here! See the Eclipse YouTube channel for the recordings.

May Theia Contributors Award

The Eclipse Cloud DevTools contributor award for May goes to the Arduino team, led by Stefano Visconti, for contributing internationalization capabilities to Eclipse Theia. The new Arduino IDE 2.0 is based on Eclipse Theia. As mentioned in this adopter story, Arduino does not only benefit from Eclipse Theia, but they also regularly and strategically contribute to it.

JKube 1.8 is Out!

Marc Nuri provides a great overview of the JKube 1.8.0 release available on Maven Central. Enhancements include improved support for probe definition, Jakarta EE, and Apple M1, among other things.

Cloud-Based Diagram Editors

Eclipse GLSP applies the LSP (Language Server Protocol) to the graphical domain, including a diagram editor based on the Monaco editor. In this article, Jonas, Maximilian & Philip provide a quick introduction and a demo that showcases GLSP's capabilities.

Eclipse Community Awards are Back!

Eclipse Community Awards are back! Nominations are in for Lifetime Achievement, Newcomer Evangelist, Top Contributor, and Top Committer. Voting will be later this month.

EclipseCon 2022 Call for Proposals

We are back in person in for EclipseCon 2022. Call for proposals in now open. We'd love to hear from you. Mark your calendars for this October and hope to see you in Ludwigsburg.

Eclipse Cloud DevTools Projects

Explore the Eclipse Cloud DevTools ecosystem! Check out our projects page to find out more about open source innovation for cloud IDEs,extension marketplaces, frameworks and more.

Getting Listed on the Cloud DevTools Blog

If you are working with, or on, anything in the Cloud DevTools space, learn how to get your writings posted in our blog section.