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Eclipse Cloud DevTools Digest - April, 2022

Monday, May 9, 2022 - 15:40 by John Kellerman

Eclipse Cloud Dev Tools Working Group happenings for April, 2022; Arduino, Theia, and EclipseCon 2022

Eclipse Theia is the next generation of Eclipse!

In two articles on March 16 and March 23, Jonas, Maximilian & Philip take a close look at Eclipse Theia and its modern web-based technology stack. They make a compelling case fot it to be a worthy  successor of both Eclipse desktop and Eclipse RCP. Mike Milinkovich, in his blog in April joined the discussion and reached a similar conclusion

EclipseCon 2022 Call for Proposals

We are back in person in for EclipseCon 2022. Call for proposals in now open. We'd love to hear from you. Mark your calendars for this October and hope to see you in Ludwigsburg.

Eclipse Cloud DevTools Contributor Award: Improving the VS Code Integration of Eclipse GLSP

The April 2022 Eclipse Cloud DevTools contributor award goes to Luca Forstner for his work towards improving the VS Code integration of Eclipse GLSP. Luca Forstner, as part of his bachelor’s thesis, significantly contributed to the GLSP integration in VS Code. Luca's contribution is a great example of how academic work and an open source ecosystem mutually benefit from each other.

Cloud IDE Days 2022

What a great two days! Close to 300 registrations this year, up from 215 last year. Thanks to all who participated this year, speakers and attendees. If you missed the sessions, stay tuned, they're be available soon on the Eclipse Foundation YouTube channel.

Theia Adopter Story: The new Arduino IDE 2.0

The new Arduino IDE 2.0 is based on Eclipse Theia. In an earlier article, we take a closer look at the new Arduino IDE and its relationship to the Theia ecosystem. It is a great example of how the flexibility and adaptability of Theia enables building a modern tool with a truly great user experience.

Eclipse Theia 1.24 Release: News and Noteworthy

Release 1.24 of Eclipse Theia is out.  Jonas, Maximilian & Philip review what's new and noteworthy, including a major upgrade to the Monaco code editor.

Eclipse Cloud DevTools Projects

Explore the Eclipse Cloud DevTools ecosystem! Check out our projects page to find out more about open source innovation for cloud IDEs,extension marketplaces, frameworks and more.

Getting Listed on the Cloud DevTools Blog

If you are working with, or on, anything in the Cloud DevTools space, learn how to get your writings posted in our blog section.