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Eclipse Cloud DevTools Contributor Award 2023 goes to EclipseSource and TypeFox

Monday, January 22, 2024 - 09:45 by John Kellerman

The Eclipse Cloud DevTools Contributor Award for the year 2023 is being jointly awarded to two remarkable companies, EclipseSource and TypeFox, in acknowledgment of their enormous, continuous, strategic, and sustainable contributions to the Eclipse Cloud DevTools ecosystem.

Throughout 2023, EclipseSource and TypeFox have demonstrated exceptional commitment and expertise in various projects within the ecosystem, including Eclipse TheiaCDT CloudEclipse GLSPEclipse SprottyEMF Cloud, and Eclipse Langium. Their leadership role is evident as they provide project leads and several committers to these open source projects. Their excellence was already recognized in monthly awards in January, July, October, and December, showcasing their consistent and impactful contributions.

Their involvement in the Eclipse Cloud DevTools ecosystem is not just technical; both companies have been pivotal in strategic initiatives, which significantly supported the growth of the community and nurtured the adoption of its open-source technologies sustainably. As active participants and leading architects in the Eclipse Cloud DevTools working group, they have shown foresight in shaping the future of cloud development tools.

TypeFox and EclipseSource play a unique and vital role in the ecosystem. As service providers specializing in building tools and IDEs, they provide an essential resource for companies aiming to develop their own tool offerings. Their investment in the maintenance and evolution of projects in the ecosystem is therefore not only a testament to their dedication but also strategically vital for their operations.

In addition to their extensive contributions, EclipseSource and TypeFox provide a unique model of sponsored open source development. By contracting a service provider for sponsored development, adopters can directly engage experts who contribute to open source projects on their behalf, enabling a highly tailored and impactful approach to advancing open source initiatives that are of strategic importance for the adopter. This allows other companies to leverage the expertise of EclipseSource and TypeFox for specific fixes, feature developments, and general project maintenance, enabling a broader group of organizations to contribute to and strengthen the open-source ecosystem. The approach also allows for resource pooling, where multiple companies can collectively sponsor a full-time expert committer, thereby enhancing the efficiency and impact of contributions. The model of sponsored development has proven to be highly successful in the Eclipse Cloud DevTools Ecosystem, leading to increased and more sustainable contributions, thereby significantly enriching the ecosystem.

EclipseSource and TypeFox

Project websites contain information about which companies provide support and sponsored development.

Service providers like EclipseSource and TypeFox are cornerstone elements of a thriving open-source ecosystem. They offer important support for custom projects and play a crucial role in fostering sponsored development for open-source components. We congratulate and thank both EclipseSource and TypeFox for being the recipients of the Eclipse Cloud DevTools Contributor Award for the year 2023. Your consistent dedication and impactful contributions have significantly advanced the Eclipse Cloud DevTools landscape, and we are profoundly grateful for your commitment and excellence.

This Eclipse Cloud DevTools contributor award is sponsored by the Eclipse Cloud DevTools Working Group. The working group provides a vendor-neutral ecosystem of open source projects focused on defining, implementing and promoting best-in-class web and cloud-based development tools. It is hosted at the Eclipse Foundation, current members of the group include AMDArmEclipseSourceEricssonObeoRedHatRenesasSTMicroelectronics and TypeFox.