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WebTools 1.0 will support web services client generation into a plug-in

Monday, September 26, 2005 - 13:40 by Wayne Beaton

On September 15th/2005, I wrote about the WebTools Project (WTP) and some issues that I encountered while trying to create a client for a web service in a plug-in. It turns out that this support is in-plan for version 1.0.

In a response to bug #109625, Chris Brealey wrote:

WTP 1.0 will allow you to generate Apache Axis clients to normal Java projects, which should include plug-in projects. Whether via “project facets” or some other more basic mechanism*, the tools will insure the necessary jars are available on the build path of the project so that your generated Axis client code compiles.

Chris goes on to talk about some work they’re doing to make it possible to use an arbitrary version of Apache Axis as well. If this is an issue that you care about, please take a look at bug #109625 and post your comments.

BTW: There is a milestone build (1.0M8) available for WTP.