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Platform and Java development tools at the EclipseCon Europe Hackathon

Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 15:42 by Wayne Beaton

We have a handful of committers from the Eclipse Platform and Java development tools (JDT) projects ready to help you fix bugs at the EclipseCon Europe 2015 Hackathon.


Dani Megert (Eclipse Platform and JDT), Noopur  Gupta (JDT UI committer), and Olivier Prouvost (Eclipse Platform UI) have all agreed to attend office hours during the Hackathon. Others have agreed in principle (we expect confirmation soon), so there will be great representation if you have bugs to report or want to contribute fixes for “IDE” features.

Hackathon office hours run during the conference sessions. We have two sessions on Tuesday (15:00-16:20, and 16:45-18:05) and three on Wednesday (10:30-11:50, 13:45-15:05, and 16:15-17:35). The Hackathon area will be open beyond these time blocks, so you can plan to make great contributions to Eclipse well into the evening.

We’ll have Mikael Barbero around to help with Common Build Infrastructure (CBI), Eike Stepper and Ed Merks to help with Oomph and all things Modeling, Denis Roy to answer all your questions about Eclipse Foundation IT infrastructure and webmastery-sorts-of-things, and Markus Tiede there to help you contribute to Jubula (or use Jubula to build GUI tests). Of course, Eclipse Foundation staff will be on hand to help with processy-sorts of things, contributor license agreements (CLA), and more.

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