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New and improved Test First Development using Eclipse screen cam!

Tuesday, May 2, 2006 - 09:00 by Wayne Beaton

Based on feedback from Ed and Erich, I decided to rerecord my screen cam demonstration. In the process, I’ve also changed the title. You can find Test First Develoment using Eclipse on the Evangelism site. This is a recording of a demonstration that I’ve been doing a lot lately; especially at Java Users Groups.

There are several points to this demontration. The most important point is that a tests first/top-down approach to software development does work (for more information, consider reading “Test-Driven Development” by Kent Beck). Especially in Eclipse which provides you with great power to make it work (get used to hitting ctrl-space and ctrl-1).

I’ve tried to improve the production quality of the demonstration by throwing in some fancy section introductions and cheesy fade and wipe effects (it sort of reminds me of the early days of Hypercard and all the unfortunate user interface designs put forth by stack designers). I did try to keep the silliness to a minimum and did stick to a consistent set of annoying effects. I also added my soothing voice to the demonstration which should more than make up for the cheesy effects.

Erich pointed out that I don’t use code completion totally consistently in the demonstration. For one thing, I never use it to provide modifiers for my methods and fields (though I do often use quick fix for this purpose). I have many excuses for this: I’ll have to decide which one I’m going to use…