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Language Server Protocol Talks at Eclipse Converge and Devoxx US

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 14:52 by Wayne Beaton

I’m particularly interested in learning more about Language Server Protocol at the combined Eclipse Converge and Devoxx US conferences at the end of March. We have a handful of projects doing work on the topic, and the opportunity to connect directly with the developers doing the work is too good of an opportunity to miss.

I’m hoping to fit the following talks into my schedule.

Language Server Protocol Explained

Sven Efftinge

The Language Server Protocol (LSP) introduced by Microsoft’s VSCode team has been a hot topic recently. In a nutshell it is an effort to unify how editors communicate with advanced language tooling.

In this session we want to give you an overview of what the LSP is, why it is so important and how you could leverage it. We will also explain what it does and what it doesn’t do, discuss some misconceptions and show some cool demos based on a Java implementation of the protocol.

A sneak peek into the Spring Boot language server

Martin Lippert

Based in the language server protocol and the architectural ideas behind it, big chunks of the Spring Boot tooling for Eclipse are currently re-implemented. This talk provides a sneak peek into the implementation and discusses the early experiences using this approach. We dive into the details and challenges how we implemented tooling for Spring Boot property files (pure properties + yaml), support for Cloud Foundry manifest files, and how we extracted and refactored existing Spring IDE code to run inside of a language server.

Building the JDT Language Server and how can you build one from your own feature

Gorkem Ercan

Eclipse JDT LS (Language Server) project aims to develop a Java Language Server that will make JDT features available to any client that supports the Language Server Protocol. This talk covers the changes, challenges and lessons learned while building the JDT LS. It will also provide insights to using and developing language servers and some tips to converting existing features. There will also be demos of JDT LS features on different editors and their comparision with the Eclipse JDT to give a better understanding of the possibilities and problems of language servers.

Roll your own Development Environment with Eclipse Orion

Bogdan Gheorghe

Eclipse Orion is a cloud IDE that supports JavaScript development out of the box.  Recently, support for LSP (Language Server Protocol) has been added to the mix.  Come and learn how to create three different development environments using Docker, Orion and LSP (Language Sever Protocol).

Introduction to Eclipse Che

Stévan Le Meur and Florent Benoit

Eclipse Che introduces a new kind of workspace that is composed of projects and runtimes. This approach improves agile workflow and allows fast bootstrapping of developers. Eclipse Che can run locally or in the cloud which allow to scale the resources on-demand and benefit from high performances and resources.

In this session, we will explain how to setup a workspace cloud in Eclipse Che, how to create the environments using Docker, configure the tools that you need and register a set of commands to be executed in that workspace. We will show you how you can benefits from the workspace portability to easily share it onto another Che or to the cloud.

This session will also cover how Eclipse Che is providing support and intellisense for all the languages and explain the work did on the Language Server Protocol. The Language Server Protocol is a communication protocol between a tool and a Language Server than run all code analysis and operations

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