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Golly… updating articles is hard work…

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 - 12:23 by Wayne Beaton

Today I’ve been working through some of the outstanding bugs raised against existing articles in Eclipse Corner. It’s a lot of work, but most of the changes are relatively small things that are relatively easy to fix. It’d be nice if the authors could fix the problems themselves, but I understand what it takes to find time for such things. I have nothing but respect for Eclipse Corner authors and can relate to the challenge of finding time to make these updates.

Today, I managed to update a minor bug in some sample code for “Creating JFace Wizards” by Doina Klinger. The bug, unfortunately, had nothing to do with the main focus of the article, but was none-the-less distracting to readers. From the comments in bug #101884, and based on my own quick review of the paper, the advice it gives is still pertinent and correct. This, in my opinion, is a sign of a particularly good article: it stands the test of time (the original was created in 2002). That’s not to suggest that articles containing great information that go out of date are bad; they’re also very good.

I also fixed a bug in the sample code for “How to Write an Eclipse Debugger” based on comments left in bug #81575.

There were some other minor edits in some of the other articles. I’m going to continue working through the outstanding bugs. I can’t promise that I’ll get to them all, but I’m going to try. In the meantime, you can make my job harder for me: if you know of any problems in any of the articles, please create a bug report in Bugzilla. Be sure to set the classification=”Eclipse Foundation”, product=”Community”, and component=”Articles”; if you do this, I should get notified immediately.