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Day three in the Linux World expo: better than a kick to the head

Thursday, April 6, 2006 - 23:06 by Wayne Beaton

And I should know. I’ve been kicked in the head. A few times.

The best part about day three at Linux World was meeting Bill Hilliard from Intel. Bill has a lot of experience with the CDT and was able to educate me as he answered questions about it to our booth visitors. Conveniently, we had a lot of people come by the booth today with questions or comments about CDT. It seems that there is a pretty big group of folks in the Linux community who swear by it.

There was a lot of buzz around Eclipse at the conference. I understand that Addison-Wesley managed to sell a handful of Eclipse books (Eric Clayberg, who joined me on Wednesday signed one copy of his book). There were a few member companies showing off their software, including Business Objects who where demonstrating the next generation of their report generation tools based on Eclipse. Very cool stuff.

There were a few people who came by our booth and shouted stuff like “we love you”, and “you’re great”. Of course, they may have been talking to the guy in the next booth who looked a little like Tom Jones. More seriously, we did have a lot of self-proclaimed “huge fans” come by to slap us on the shoulder and say “good work” (in retrospect, maybe they just wanted to slap me…) I, of course, took full credit for everything that is good in Eclipse.

My one regret about the conference is that I didn’t get a red hat from RedHat. I believe that this is the most prized swag from the conference. They didn’t just give them away, you had to actually sit through their demo to get one. Since I don’t have the kind of patience that requires, I had to settle for a picture of the hat… I managed to pick up a few SuSE hats and a couple of shirts for Denis and Matt (I couldn’t find anything that I thought Nate would like except maybe a Slashdot kazoo).