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Your Voice Matters - Take the IoT Developer Survey!

Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 09:42 by Thabang Mashologu

Completing the 2020 IoT Developer Survey takes less than ten minutes of your time. But adding your voice helps the entire IoT ecosystem better understand where IoT solution development is headed, the technology stack being used to get there, and how edge computing fits into the picture. By participating in the IoT industry’s largest developer survey, you have a unique opportunity to influence the direction the ecosystem takes at a time when it’s rapidly evolving.


The more responses we receive, the more insight we gain, and the more value IoT developers and other members of the IoT ecosystem will realize from the survey results. Last year we received more than 1,700 survey responses, including more than 1,100 responses from developers working on IoT projects in a professional capacity, and we already have more than 400 responses this year.


When that many relevant voices speak, everyone from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and software vendors to hardware manufacturers, service providers, and enterprises can learn how the latest IoT product and service development trends affect their strategies and businesses. 


The survey is in its sixth year, but this is the first time it includes questions about edge technologies and tools. With your responses, the Eclipse IoT Working Group and the Eclipse Edge Native Working Group will have the insight needed to continue aligning their roadmaps with your priorities and requirements for cloud-to-edge IoT solution development.


Add Your Voice Now

The 2020 IoT Developer Survey is open until June 26, but I encourage everyone to take those few minutes and add their voice to the survey now while it’s top of mind. Everyone who completes the survey will receive the findings report once the results are analyzed.


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