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We Are Open

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 14:31 by Thabang Mashologu

Back in April, our Executive Director Mike Milinkovich blogged about a new logo and redesigned website for the Eclipse Foundation. Our new branding is meant to reflect the Foundation’s role beyond the Eclipse IDE. We are proud of our heritage and successfully launched the Eclipse Photon release recently to a global base of over 4 million active users. But clearly the Eclipse Foundation and its 350+ open source projects represent more than the Eclipse IDE. 

The fact is, we are a leading platform and environment for global developers and organizations to collaborate on open technologies that solve complex problems and enable value creation. 

From enterprise Java to IoT and autonomous vehicles, we are increasingly becoming the open source foundation of choice for digital companies looking for a vendor-neutral governance model to help them to accelerate market adoption of technologies and standards, increase the pace of innovation, and to reduce development costs. In fact, we are supported by over 275 organizations who see the strategic, operational and financial value of open source software development at the Eclipse Foundation.

For thousands of developers around the world, we offer great opportunities to contribute to game-changing technologies, demonstrate expertise, and participate in our vibrant Eclipse community, among many other benefits. At the time of writing, we have over 1,550 committers and counting who power Eclipse projects spanning many technology domains.

The Foundation marketing team has the fun job of sharing the stories and successes of our community with the world. To that end, we developed the We Are Open video campaign to provide a quick peek into how the Eclipse community represents openness, innovation, and collaboration. We hope you like it, share and subscribe to our various channels!