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The Future of Cloud Native Software Development Is Here

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 - 08:30 by Thabang Mashologu

Almost every day, I see more concrete evidence that software development is shifting to the cloud, and that the Eclipse Cloud DevTools Working Group and its members are playing a leadership role in driving the transition. To get a sense of the scale, scope, and momentum underway in the Cloud DevTools ecosystem, I recommend reading the working group’s new white paper.

The white paper provides important insight into why industry leaders joined forces to create Cloud DevTools and why vendor neutral, open source software is so crucial to their efforts. It also highlights the increasing adoption of working group technologies to solve real-world problems and develop well-known industry offerings, including:

●      ARM Mbed Studio
●      Arduino Pro IDE
●      Google Cloud Shell
●      IBM Cloud Pak for Applications
●      Red Hat OpenShift + CodeReady Workspaces
●      SAP Hana Cloud
●      SAP Web IDE
You may even be using some of these solutions without realizing Cloud DevTools technologies are inside.

Cloud Applications Need Cloud Development Tools

Today, it’s well understood that cloud-based IDEs and tools let developers migrate and build cloud applications more efficiently than they can with desktop tools. Yet many organizations still haven’t made the move to cloud-based IDEs and tools. Some were put off by early-stage, proprietary cloud development tools that came with restrictions and limitations. Others went ahead and tried those early tools, but were disappointed, and went back to using traditional desktop tools.

Whatever the reason, if you’re still using traditional desktop tools to develop cloud applications, you’re at risk of falling behind. These tools simply don’t provide the flexibility or development efficiency you need to keep pace with competitors who have shifted development to the cloud. Now is the time to be part of this technology shift.  

Vendor Neutral, Open Source Software Makes the Difference

The open source cloud development technologies available today are a far cry from those early cloud development offerings.

There are currently a dozen different cloud development technologies in the Cloud DevTools ecosystem that can be used individually or together. No matter how the project technologies are used or combined, the software can be adapted to suit an organization’s environment and developer requirements.

Learn More About the Eclipse Cloud DevTools Ecosystem

In a recent interview with Jay Lyman, a senior research analyst at 451 Research, Brian King, cloud development community manager at the Eclipse Foundation, explained the working group’s role in driving the transition to cloud native development and how these efforts align with the latest research findings and best practices. 

Watching their conversation takes less than 10 minutes, and it’s definitely worth the time. 

Watch Brian King’s interview with Jay Lyman of 451 Research.

Plus, the working group structure facilitates collaboration, which strengthens and accelerates the advances being made in cloud development tools, while driving market visibility and adoption. Working groups provide a vendor-neutral environment that empowers adopters of these technologies to go well beyond what they can achieve with proprietary or single-vendor cloud development tools.

Read the Eclipse Cloud DevTools White Paper

For a deeper look at the Eclipse Cloud DevTools ecosystem and the projects fostered by its members, be sure to read the white paper.

Download the Eclipse Cloud DevTools white paper.