EclipseCon 2020 CFP is Open

Thursday, April 16, 2020 - 12:00 by Thabang Mashologu

EclipseCon is the leading conference for developers, architects, and open source business leaders to learn about Eclipse technologies, share best practices, and more. This year we’ll be taking EclipseCon on line to align with current COVID-19 safety measures. We are looking forward to a global virtual event that will offer exciting tracks spanning our core technology pillars of Cloud Native for Java, IoT and Edge Computing, Automotive, and Tools. 

If you are interested in speaking, our call for proposals is now open.  Please visit the CFP page for information on how to submit your talk. This year, the early-bird submission deadline is June 3 and the final submission deadline is June 15. 

A lot has changed in our fast-moving industry since our first community conference branded EclipseCon in 2004. What has stayed the same is that EclipseCon is our biggest event of the year and connects the Eclipse ecosystem and some of the brightest minds in software development to explore common challenges and innovate together.

New for EclipseCon 2020, we’ve revamped the EclipseCon logo. The hexagon shape in the logo represents the “building blocks” of collaboration that the EclipseCon event fosters within the community. The white lines that lead outside of the hexagon represent openness and transparency that the Eclipse community prides itself on. You can see the new logo and find out more about EclipseCon 2020 on the updated website.


We’re also excited to incorporate a new tagline for EclipseCon this year. We think “Community. Code. Collaboration.” perfectly captures what EclipseCon is all about. We look forward to having community members come together virtually to share ideas, spark innovation, and kick off opportunities for meaningful collaboration. 

Despite the change in logistics for this year’s event, we’re confident and excited to present those same opportunities at EclipseCon 2020. Stay tuned for more announcements to roll out over the coming months.