What a Difference a Year Makes! - Jakarta EE 2020 review

Monday, February 1, 2021 - 16:34 by Tanja Obradovic

It has been a great pleasure to witness steady progress in Jakarta EE in the year 2020. This was a very challenging year around the globe, but even with the impact of the pandemic,  we continued to make great strides forward in the Jakarta EE community. Before we look ahead let’s recap our  2020 achievements.

Jakarta EE Working Group Members

We are so pleased  that even during these difficult  times our membership is still growing! We ended the year with eighteen members. In 2020, we welcomed:

  • Enterprise member: Primeton Information Technologies, Inc

  • Participant member: Kingdee Apusic Cloud Computing Co.,Ltd, TmaxSoft Co., Ltd, ManageCat LLC, Jelastic, Inc and Beijing Thunisoft Information Technology Co., Ltd


Jakarta EE Compatible Products 

Our Compatible Product list for Jakarta EE 8 release is continuously growing as well. Here is the growth we saw in Jakarta EE 8 list of compatible products (11 vendors with 11 Full Profile Compatible Products and Web Profile Compatible Products) https://jakarta.ee/release/8/ 

  • JESUS 8.5 (TmaxSoft Co., Ltd)

  • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7.3.0 (Red Hat)

  • Primeton AppServer 7.0 (Primeton)

  • Apusic AAS 10.1(Kingdee Apusic)

  • Fujitsu Software Enterprise Application Platform v1.0 (Fujitsu)

  • IBM WebSphere Liberty - IBM

  • Thunisoft Application Server - Beijing Huayu Information Technology Co., Ltd 

 All together 11 vendors with 11 Full Profile Compatible Products and Web Profile Compatible Products. Please visit https://jakarta.ee/compatibility/#tab-8 


2020 Releases

Here are some numbers to illustrate the work that has been done on the specification projects for the last release.

Jakarta EE 9 specification projects commits since 2019-9-10.

  • Lines Of Code: 4877853

  • Projects: 29

  • Commits: 2655

  • Authors: 149

Many would agree that pictures are worth a thousand words, so here they are! 

Jakarta EE Specification projects Company Commits in 2020Q4

Individual and organizations other then our member supporting organisations are taking the lead in Jakarta EE specification projects. This is a great indication of healthy interst from java enterprose community in Jakarta EE.

Eclipse GlassFish Project in 2020Q4

Jakarta EE TCK Project in 2020Q4

Jakarta EE Platform in 2020Q4


Celebrating our contributors

With the release out of the doors, we need to pause and celebrate all that have made it possible! With the Jakarta EE Working Group from and the strong leadership of 

  • Kevin Sutter, IBM on Jakarta EE Platform Project

  • Steve Millige, Payara on Eclipse GlassFish 

  • Scott Marlow, Red Hat on Jakarta EE TCK

We have a list of our top contributors! Please take a moment and recognize all they accomplished. Thank You All from my side.


Our virtual conferences and events

In a year like this demand for the virtual event has grown, and we quickly reacted ad provided what the community needed.

JakartaOne Livestrearn - Japan 

Virtual event in Japanese 

February 26th, 2020

10 speakers

  • 2 keynotes

  • 5 vendor talks

  • 3 technical talks


  • 213 registered

  • 159 attended live and 89 replays

JakartaOne Livestrearn CN4J

Event organized in response to the COVID-19 (CN4J Day @ KubeCon)

May 12th, 2020

Nine speakers

  • Two keynotes

  • Seven technical talks


  • 555 registered

  • 300 attended live and 242 replayed the event

Event organized to celebrate the Jakarta EE 9 Milestone release

Eight speakers

  • Three hosts from the Eclipse Foundation

  • Five member talks


  • 194 registered

  • 117 attended live and 107 replayed the event

JakartaOne Livestrearn - Brazil

Event organized in Portugese 

August 29th, 2020

  • Twelve speakers 

  • One keynote

  • Five technical talks


  • 336 registered

  • 182 attended live and 142 replayed the event

JakartaOne Livestream - Spanish

Event organized in Spanish - 8 hours long 

October 12th, 2020

  • Twenty-four speakers 

    • Three keynotes

    • Four Vendor talks

    • Ten technical talks

    • One Round table


  • 516 registered

  • 336 attended live, 195 replayed the event, and 156 watched on YouTube

JakartaOne Livestream 2020

Annual English Event - 12 hours long

December 8th, 2020

  • Twenty-seven speakers 

    • One keynote

    • Five vendor talks

    • Ten technical talks

    • Ten Studio Jakarta EE sessions

    • One Lightning talk


  • 1021 registered

  • 544 attended live, 237 replayed the event, and 490 watched on YouTube

Conferences with Jakarta EE Talks

  • FOSDEM 20 - Feb 1-2

  • Devnexus 20 - Feb 19-21

  • IBM Think - May 5-7

  • Java Day Istanbul Sept 10-12

  • J4K - Oct 13-14

  • JCON - Oct 27-30

  • Java2Days - Dec 22

Community outreach programs

New community outreach programs were introduced

We also continued with existing established and successful initiatives 

Community Involvement

Our mailing list subscriptions grew as well. This clearly shows industry and developers’ interest in the Jakarta EE. I would expect with the new base Jakarta EE 9 Platform everyone is eager and ready for the innovation of the Jakarta EE specifications.

In conclusion, 2020 was a great year for Jakarta EE! With the move to jakarta.x namespace we now have a platform that is ready for the future, and is welcoming all java enterprise enthusiasts to join and take Jakarta EE to the next level!