Microsoft is a new member of the Jakarta EE Working Group!

Tuesday, August 16, 2022 - 13:15 by Tanja Obradovic

The Jakarta EE Working Group is continuously growing! We are thrilled that Microsoft has decided to join the Jakarta EE Working Group as an Enterprise member! 

Most Jakarta EE Working Group members are directly involved with development of Jakarta EE specifications or have a product implementing Jakarta EE specifications. This is not the case with Microsoft at this point.

Microsoft is one of the key cloud platform providers today, and they have already recognized the importance of Java (see: Microsoft for Java developers).They also support Jakarta EE runtimes, enabling customers to run their Jakarta EE applications on Azure (see: Java EE, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile on Azure). 

Microsoft joining the Jakarta EE Working Group is a good indication of their dedication and recognition of the importance of Jakarta EE to their customers. By becoming a member of the Jakarta EE WG, Microsoft is enabling newly created Jakarta EE workloads to take advantage of Azure services. Jakarta EE will be well supported and served by Microsoft!

You can also read more about Microsoft perspective and reasons for joining the Jakarta EE Working Group in the announcement Microsoft joins Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Working Groups at Eclipse Foundation.