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Jakarta EE Community Update Fall 2021 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - 17:23 by Tatjana Obradovic

The summer is usually a time when the activities slow down a little, and Jakarta EE is no exception. Throughout the summer, the Jakarta EE Platform project has put all its attention on Jakarta EE 10, while the TCK project has started with the massive task of refactoring the TCK. Other projects also  moved forward during summer.

The fall for Jakarta EE, however, has been and still is very busy! The teams are continuously working on the new releases on the individual specifications, while the Jakarta EE platform team is working on planning the Platform and Profiles (yes it will be plural for Profiles going forward!) release for the version 10. We are also working hard to bring you all the latest Jakarta EE news in our JakartaOne Livestream event that will be happening on December 7th this year. Our Compatibility Product list and membership base are growing, , and the Jakarta EE boat is sailing strong and in the right direction!

Here are some of highlights:

JakartaOne Livestream 2021: The Biggest Jakarta EE Event of the Year!

The biggest celebration of Jakarta EE is always our JakartaOne Livestream 2021 annual event! This year is no exception, so save the date December 7th, 202and please register and let us know you’ll be there!

Our popular JakartaOne Livestream virtual conference series, as you know, runs in different languages as well! 

We had the following language-specific events:


The Jakarta EE Community and Working Group is Growing

It is great to see new members continuously joining the working group. Recently, we welcomed:

SOU Java does not need an introduction in the Java community! Their members are already heavily involved in Jakarta EE-related projects and having them as a Guest Member of the Jakarta EE Working Group additionally shows their commitment to advancing enterprise Java development.

It is great to see that our Chinese membership is growing!   HuNan Asiainfo AnHui,founded on September 25, 2019, is a Chinese software company, mainly engaged in basic software research and development, committed to communication operators, artificial intelligence, 5G, Internet of Things software and cloud computing, big data and other industry applications. Current products include database product AntDB, Application middleware product FlyingServer, AI-RPA, etc. The goal is to provide good basic software, connect relevant global norms and technologies, and serve the huge software demand market in China.

If you or your company are interested in the work of the Jakarta EE Working Group, please visit our membership pages and get in touch! 

Jakarta Tech Talks

We had quite a few new Jakarta Tech Talks! Please visit the Jakarta Tech Talk playlist on Jakarta EE YouTube channel to view the recordings, here are a few:

If you have a topic / talk related to enterprise java development you’d like to share with the community, please let us know. Fill out this form and we’ll help you out to set it up and promote it! 

Jakarta EE 10 is Taking Shape!

I am beyond excited to see all the progress we see related to Jakarta EE 10 in GitHub (label EE10). The creation/plan review for Jakarta EE Core Profile 10 was approved by the Jakarta EE Specification Committee. Jakarta EE Web Profile 10 and Jakarta EE Platform 10 issues are in discussion and plan reviews are expected soon. Please join the discussion and Jakarta EE Platform call to provide your input, refer to Jakarta EE Specifications Calendar (public url, iCal)  for details on all technical calls.

Jakarta EE Individual Specifications and Project Teams 

All meetings in the various specification projects are published in the public Jakarta EE Specifications Calendar (public url, iCal).Everyone interested is welcome to join the calls. Do note that the Jakarta EE Platform team is extremely busy and productive. The call is public and is welcome to all people who would like to contribute to technical discussions.

Select the one that you are interested in and help out. Each specification team is eager to welcome you! 

Want To Learn How To Use Jakarta EE?  

The Eclipse Cargo Tracker is a fantastic example of an end-to-end Jakarta EE application that showcases core Jakarta EE technologies. Thanks to Scaleforce and Jelastic for providing resources to deploy the demo application to the cloud.

Give the Cargo Tracker a try and consider contributing to the project at Cargo Tracker GitHub repository.

EclipseCon 2021 recordings! 

We had a great conference and presence at the EclipseCon 2021! The Jakarta EE Community Day was fabulously organized by the community! Many thanks to Reza Rahman, Werner Keil and Petr Aubrecht. The presentations are available in the folder.  

The conference talk recordings are now available on YouTube in the EclipseCon 2021 Playlist, and in Swapcard. In Swapcard, go to Agenda to locate a talk (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday only), and click on the title to watch the video. We are hoping to see you next year in person!

Adopt A Spec!

Attention all JUGs: get recognized for your involvement in the specification development!

We need help from the community! All JUGs out there, please choose the specification of your interest and adopt it. Here is the information about the Adopt-A-Spec program. 


Stay Connected With the Jakarta EE Community

The Jakarta EE community is very active and there are a number of channels to help you stay up to date with all of the latest and greatest news and information. Subscribe to your preferred channels today:

·  Social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Group, LinkedIn Page

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You can find the complete list of channels here.

To help shape the future of open source, cloud native Java, get involved in the Jakarta EE Working Group.