5 Talks Java Developers Won’t Want to Miss at EclipseCon 2020

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 - 08:57 by Tanja Obradovic

Java is a major technology focus area for many members of the Eclipse community, and EclipseCon is always a great opportunity to expand and deepen your knowledge in this space. Last year’s EclipseCon featured about 20 Java-related sessions, and they’ve been popular YouTube replays.

This year’s EclipseCon features another great lineup of Java-related sessions, including talks on Jakarta EE, Eclipse MicroProfile, and Java Development Tools (JDT). To help you plan your EclipseCon 2020 experience, here are brief summaries of five talks you won’t want to miss:

·      Boost your APIs With GraphQL. GraphQL is an open source API query language originally developed by Facebook. Jean-François James will explain how GraphQL relates to REST and how it can be used. To demonstrate the potential, Jean-François will show you an Eclipse MicroProfile GraphQL project.

·      What's New in Java? With its six-month release cycle and preview features, Java evolves at a rapid pace. Manoj Palat will explore Java 14 and Java 15 features, including switch expressions, records, text blocks, pattern InstanceOf, and sealed types to help you understand how and when to use them. Manoj will also review features in upcoming Java releases

·      What's New in JDT? Since last year’s EclipseCon, there have been four Eclipse JDT releases. Jeff Johnston will take you through new JDT features, focusing on those that aren’t part of supporting new Java language features. You’ll learn about new cleanup and quick fixes, enhanced completion support, formatting, and debug enhancements. Jeff will also provide live demos of the features and share related code samples.

·      AdoptOpenJDK — Making Java Free Again. With more than 140 million downloads in the last year, AdoptOpenJDK is a serious contender for production use of Java. Hendrik Eggers and George Adams will explain how they use AdoptOpenJDK to build on more than 15 different platforms, execute more than 87 million tests, and distribute OpenJDK binaries to millions of users. They’ll also explain how AdoptOpenJDK binaries compare to the Java binaries you use today.

·      Make your Microservices as Robust as Mission-Critical Systems With MicroProfile and Jakarta EE. Kenji Kazumura explains how to use and fine-tune Eclipse MicroProfile functions, such as fault tolerance, metrics, and OpenTracing to build microservices for mission-critical enterprise systems. You’ll also learn how to use these parameters in conjunction with Istio and tools such as Grafana and Kiali to monitor microservices.


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