Eclipse Individual Committer Agreement 4.0 Update

Friday, June 14, 2019 - 11:27 by Sharon Corbett

The Eclipse Foundation has been busy over the last six months communicating with the Community at Large in order to update our standard Contributor and Committer Agreements to state explicitly that contributions made to our projects may also be used in specifications.

Our second milestone in this campaign targeted the Eclipse Individual Committer Agreement (ICA) and we are happy to report that a very significant number of our individual committers successfully updated theirs.  On June 13th, we retired all versions of the ICA prior to version 4.0 which has placed a small number of individual committers in a temporary locked position.  Please note this does not impact your status as a Committer; it temporarily locks your commit privileges until the updated agreement is in place. This will ensure the integrity of all of our projects.

We are confident we have connected with all committers in this situation; however, we are here to help!  Email for assistance.

Thank you to the Eclipse Community for your support of this campaign and for helping make Eclipse a great community!