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New look & feel for eclipse.org is live

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 - 11:19 by Shanda Giacomoni

Over the past year, the Eclipse Foundation team has been working on restructuring and redesigning eclipse.org. The goal of this project was to modernize the website’s look and improve its navigability, so newcomers can better understand the many projects and communities that make up the Eclipse Foundation. We’re excited to announce that these changes are now live!

Phase 1 Complete, More to Come

The Eclipse Foundation’s web presence is large and spans many applications on multiple subdomains. This initial launch focused on our main website, eclipse.org. In the coming months, we will roll out the new look and feel to some of our other applications like newsroom.eclipse.org, blogs.eclipse.org, and accounts.eclipse.org. We are looking to make this a seamless experience for users as they navigate the Eclipse Foundation’s web properties. 

Feedback Always Welcome

While we always hope to gather feedback and find bugs before launch, the reality is that we will get many more eyes on this project now that it’s live. If you find an issue with eclipse.org, you can open an issue in GitLab


Thank you to everyone who supported this project. We hope this helps our community better understand the many initiatives happening at the Eclipse Foundation and facilitates our community’s growth.