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Join these speakers at Open Community Experience (OCX)

Monday, June 3, 2024 - 13:28 by Shanda Giacomoni

We’re excited to announce some of the early bird talks that will take place at OCX in Mainz, Germany, from 22-24 October 2024. OCX includes several collocated conferences, such as EclipseCon, Open Community for Java, and Open Community for Automotive, among others.

EclipseCon will be the focal point for all things related to the Eclipse IDE platform and developer tools. Open Community for Java will dive deep into Jakarta EE, Adoptium, MicroProfile, and other Java-related topics. Meanwhile, Open Community for Automotive will explore the latest in automotive software, software-defined vehicles, and mobility solutions.

In addition to these key conferences, OCX will feature multiple tracks of sessions that span the breadth of the Eclipse Foundation’s industry collaborations and projects. Attendees can look forward to discussions on embedded IoT and edge computing, open source security, open technologies, and best practices in open source development.

Although the call for proposals is open until June 10, we’re thrilled to give you a sneak peek at some of the talks that our program committees have already accepted.

OCX Main Track

  • Running an independent open source project by example | Marc Philipp
  • GitHub Copilot + Spring: Making AI-assisted Coding Spring aware | Martin Lippert
  • The future of cybersecurity, today: Free and open source tools for CRA compliance for SMEs | Philippe Ombredanne, Mikaël Barbero

Open Community for Java

  • Why Spring Matters to Jakarta EE - and Vice Versa | Ivar Grimstad
  • LLangChain4J: Supercharging Jakarta EE apps with AI | Luqman Saeed
  • Eclipse Java | Hendrick Ebbers


  • Let’s “just” leverage Javac in JDT! | Mickael Istria, David Thompson
  • Towards an Open and Flexible AI-Driven IDE: A Vision and Proof of Concept with Theia | Jonas Helming
  • The reality of CDT's LSP and Tooling situation | Jonah Graham

Open Community for Automotive

  • uProto-what? | Daniel Krippner
  • Collaboration through Open Source for Regulatory Compliance of Connected Vehicle Software Updates | Carlton Bale
  • GenAI for Fun and Profit: Rapid prototyping of SDV applications with GenAI and Eclipse AutoWrx | Dirk Slama


Submissions close June 10

Are you interested in joining these speakers and presenting at OCX and the collocated events? The call for proposals closes on June 10, so submit your talk now

These talks are just a preview of what’s to come at our inaugural OCX. Watch for the full program announcement in early July. OCX 2024 will take place in Mainz, Germany, from 22-24 October 2024. We hope to see you there!