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The OSGi Alliance Specifications are moving to the Eclipse Foundation

Monday, October 26, 2020 - 15:40 by Paul Buck

On October 16th, 2020 the OSGi Alliance announced to its membership and community that it had entered into an agreement with the Eclipse Foundation to establish an Eclipse OSGi Working Group, and for the working group to be the home of the continued evolution of the OSGi specifications. Many of the members of the OSGi Alliance are already members of the Eclipse Foundation, and have committed to participate in the new working group.  You can learn more about working groups at Eclipse on the Explore our Working Groups page.

The Eclipse Equinox project has hosted the OSGi Framework Reference Implementation for many years and many releases, we are looking forward to both the specification work and a compatible implementation being done at the Eclipse Foundation under the governance of the the Eclipse Foundation Development Process and Eclipse Foundation Specification Process.

We are super excited to become the new home for the future evolution of the OSGi specifications and most importantly we welcome the members of the OSGi community. Work is underway to create the new OSGi Working Group, we will be reaching out soon to OSGi Alliance members to join. In the meantime, OSGi Alliance members that are not already members of  the Eclipse Foundation are encouraged to join. Membership in the Eclipse Foundation is required to be a member of the Eclipse OSGi Working Group.

Stay tuned for updates and plan to continue the good work of participants of the OSGi Alliance, now being done as part of the OSGi Working Group at Eclipse.