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Eclipse Foundation creates new Automotive Top-Level Project

Monday, February 1, 2021 - 12:38 by Paul Buck

The Eclipse Foundation’s board of directors recently approved the creation of the Eclipse Automotive Top-Level Project. This new project provides a space for open source projects to explore ideas and technologies addressing challenges in the automotive, mobility and transportation domain.

In a recent report [1.] 451 Research said, “The Eclipse Foundation’s nearly 20-year history, over 300 members, and 375-plus ongoing projects gives it the clout it needs to impact the software direction of the automotive industry.” The creation of this new top-level project further differentiates the Eclipse Foundation as the premier community for open source collaboration for the Automotive industry. 

Eclipse Automotive is the destination for open source innovation in the following areas:

  • Traffic and transportation planning;
  • Decision making, planning, control and simulation of automated vehicles and other road users;
  • Test and assessment of advanced driver assistance systems or automated driving functions;
  • Modeling and definition of traffic scenarios for simulation, validation and testing use-cases;
  • Dynamic co-simulation of mobility and communication protocols incorporating physical, control and environment models;
  • Modeling and simulation of Vehicle-to-Cloud, Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure connectivity;
  • Aggregation and management of measured vehicle data;
  • Modeling and engineering tools for embedded automotive systems; and
  • Middleware and runtime technologies enabling mobility solutions

Initially more than 10 open source projects are moving to the Eclipse Automotive project including Eclipse SUMO, Eclipse MDM|BL, Eclipse sim@openPASS, Eclipse Cloe and others. Eclipse Automotive welcomes new project proposals and interested parties need simply fill out the project proposal creation form. Additional information about starting a new Eclipse project is here.

In addition to being the home for the industry, public sector institutions and consumers to collaborate in open source, the Eclipse Automotive project is a platform for experimentation by developers, academics and researchers. 

1. “The Eclipse Foundation brings open source software to the automotive industry” 451 Research, OCTOBER 26 2020 By Christian Renaud, Jonathan Stern