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Take the 2023 Jakarta EE Developer Survey

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 - 02:47 by Mike Milinkovich

It’s that time of year again when we ask you to take a moment to participate in the annual Jakarta EE Developer Survey.

This annual survey is an important part of the Java ecosystem. As one of the largest surveys in the entire Java landscape, the answers within it provide crucial information to decision-makers on how people are using cloud native Java today, how they plan to use it tomorrow, and what they need to get there. 

This is the sixth edition of the survey, which started in 2018. Since its inception, thousands of software developers, architects, and decision-makers from around the world have participated. This has given them the opportunity to:

  • Build awareness around their development focus area
  • Share their perceptions of the cloud native Java industry with the broader ecosystem
  • Identify their preferences and priorities for cloud native Java architectures, technologies, and tools

Following the release of Jakarta EE 10 last fall, the survey will give us a chance to see how many developers and organizations are using the newest version of the software.

This will also be the first time the survey will be available in Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese, making it easier for Java communities around the world to share their perspectives.

Where Are You Going, and How Can We Help?

This year’s survey focuses on two elements of the future of cloud native Java. 

The first focus area is on developers’ future plans for building modern enterprise applications and the choices they’re making for architectures, technologies, and tools in the new cloud era. The second is about how the Jakarta EE Working Group can evolve to help developers achieve those plans and meet their needs. 

The answers to these questions will provide essential insights into the Jakarta EE industry landscape and the challenges Java developers are facing, and help identify opportunities for enterprise Java stakeholders in the cloud native era. Crucially, they will also help the Jakarta EE community at the Eclipse Foundation gain a better understanding of the top industry focus areas and priorities for future Jakarta EE releases.

If there is something you want or need from Jakarta EE, this is the place to let us know.

Survey Provides Essential Insights

Last year’s survey received over 1,400 responses from individuals around the world. Not only did this indicate how much importance the community places on this survey, but it provided deeper, richer insights into the state of cloud native Java development on a global scale. 

Some of the most interesting information revealed was:

  • Expected growth rates for Java apps in the cloud
  • Increased growth in the adoption of Jakarta EE 
  • The top three Jakarta EE community priorities
  • Rate of Java deployment in the cloud 

To understand the value of these survey results, check out our infographic highlighting the 2022 Jakarta EE Developer Survey’s key findings.

Complete the Jakarta EE Developer Survey Today

We encourage all developers, architects, and decision-makers in the Java ecosystem to add their voice to the survey. It takes less than six minutes to complete, and helps the industry gain the broadest possible view of the state of enterprise cloud native Java.

The results of the 2023 survey will go beyond the Eclipse Foundation as well. Platform vendors, enterprises, and individual developers in the enterprise Java ecosystem will gain updated information about how cloud native Java is unfolding and what that means for their strategies and businesses.

The survey is open until May 25, and you can participate here