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See you there!

Friday, March 10, 2006 - 13:49 by Mike Milinkovich

I have to admit that I really enjoy EclipseCon. OK, so I’ve only been to one of the two so far, but last year really was a killer conference. As of last night we were just about at 1200 registrations, so we know for sure that this year’s event is going to be an even bigger group.

But as good as the program is, the real reason I enjoy EclipseCon is just seeing everyone and getting caught up on what folks are working on. By far my favourite activity is wandering around just chatting with people. (Actually that’s my favourite part of any conference.) The Eclipse community is just such a fun place to be, and EclipseCon is where you get to see it all in one place.

So if we bump into each other at EclipseCon, please say “hi”.