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Hell Froze Over?

Thursday, May 18, 2006 - 10:24 by Mike Milinkovich

So we had a very interesting milestone at Eclipse yesterday. Our first ever committer from Sun committed code to CVS. Suresh Raju contributed code to get Eclipse working on Solaris x86. Welcome Suresh!

We were first introduced to the Solaris x86 team by Simon Phipps, who runs open source strategy over at Sun.

When you think of it, this just makes really good sense. The Solaris x86 team is working to enable one of the most popular development tools for its platform. As they should.

I am very happy to see that sound business decisions are replacing rhetoric in the relationship between Sun and Eclipse. This is a small step forward, but it is a very tangible and pragmatic one.

For those who enjoy the never-ending Swing vs. SWT debate, the amusing thing is that the component the Suresh has commit rights to is org.eclipse.swt.gtk.solaris.x86. The title of this post says the rest ?