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Hannover Community Building

Saturday, April 22, 2006 - 14:17 by Mike Milinkovich

One of the most interesting new products being built on top of the Eclipse RCP is the new version of IBM’s Lotus Notes client. Dubbed the “Hannover” release, it is a complete significant re-write of the Notes UI on top of RCP. (Or more accurately on top of Workplace Client which is on top of RCP.)

The screenshots (you can see some here and here) really drive home the fact that you can build very compelling rich client experiences with RCP. This stuff looks nothing like Eclipse. Which is very much the point.

Last week Mary Beth started a new blog focused on the UI design for the client. In a short week, she has gotten dozens of responses from the community, plus at least one lively debate.

It’s definitely worth watching as it evolves.

Change note: As pointed out by Richard Schwartz, I was incorrect to characterize Hannover as a complete re-write.