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A Great Loss

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 - 10:35 by Mike Milinkovich

The Eclipse community suffered a great loss this weekend with the passing of Kim Clohessy. Within Eclipse, Kim was one of the leaders of the Open Healthcare Framework project. But for many of us who have deep roots with OTI, Kim had been a friend, mentor and colleague for many years.

I just received a note from Linda Campbell at QNX, who said it better than I ever could:

I am sad that I never told him personally how grateful I was for everything he did for me…. He was a very good man. In addition to being a visionary, he was kind, generous, honourable, loyal, and trustworthy. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to do business with him and to learn from his wisdom and experience…left his mark on all of us, and an entire industry to boot.

It was only ten months ago that Kim joined John, Jon and I on our annual Northern Canada fishing trip. I will always remember his good humour and good company. He didn’t catch the biggest fish (see photo), but you couldn’t ask for more enjoyable company if you’re going to spend twelve hours in a small boat.

He will be missed.

For those who knew Kim, at the request of his family donations can be made to the American Melanoma Foundation.