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Foundation in the Wild

Monday, June 26, 2006 - 14:04 by Mike Milinkovich

The staff of the Eclipse Foundation are a little spread out. We have most of the people here in Ottawa, but Bjorn Freeman-Benson, Ward Cunningham and Anne Jacko are all in Portland, Skip McGaughey is in North Carolina and Ralph Mueller is in Germany.

Since everyone is so spread out, we really try hard to get together once a quarter for a face-to-face. Our last one was at EclipseCon back in March. A couple of weeks ago we all got together in Ottawa.

Anne Jacko was kind enough to take a pile of pictures of our staff get together at my cottage. For those that are interested, it’s on Otty Lake near Perth, Ontario.

So if anyone is interested in checking out the Foundation staff in relaxed party mode, you can enjoy Anne’s slideshow.