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Eclipse Jetty 11 Supports the Big Bang

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 08:19 by Mike Milinkovich

I’m happy to share the news that Eclipse Jetty 11 has been released and certified as compatible with the Jakarta Servlet v5.0 specification. Released as part of Jakarta EE 9, this new version of the Servlet specification uses the new jakarta.* namespace. Often referred to as the “Big Bang”, this new namespace is a shift that will enable future cloud native Java innovations for the enterprise Java ecosystem. By supporting Servlet 5.0 and the new namespace Jetty is helping accelerate the adoption of Jakarta EE across the ecosystem. 

Jetty is an open source web server and servlet container that is used extensively in production environments around the world. The software’s small footprint, high performance, and scalability have made it the choice of millions of enterprise application developers and open source project contributors, whether they’re using Java, Scala, Kotlin, or another JVM-based programming language.

Today, numerous well-known products and projects include Eclipse Jetty: Apache Hadoop, Apache Maven, Google App Engine, Twitter’s Streaming API, Zimbra, and the Eclipse IDE are just a few examples that demonstrate the depth and breadth of Jetty’s role and value in the Java ecosystem and broader industry.

Developers Helping Developers

Implementing the namespace change from javax.* to jakarta.* in a single Jetty release required a huge effort by many community members. I want to thank everyone involved!

The fact that the Jetty community felt it was important to implement the new namespace as soon as possible after the Jakarta EE 9 release confirms the importance of Jakarta EE as a solid foundation for the evolution of enterprise Java. The move perfectly reflects the Jetty team’s ethos of “by developers, for developers.”

Lowering the Barrier to Entry

Jakarta EE provides the complete set of specifications that define enterprise Java today. But more importantly, it provides the ecosystem a path to innovate for new cloud native APIs, platforms, services, and business models.

Each Jakarta EE specification includes an open source Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) that allows organizations to self-certify their software with the specification. This straightforward, open process dramatically lowers the barrier to entry for vendors to provide fully certified compatible implementations of Jakarta EE specifications.

Get Involved in the Future of Open Source Java

Over the last few years, the Eclipse Foundation has cemented our role as the vendor-neutral and open source center of gravity for the Java community. We welcome everyone with an interest in the future of open source Java to get involved in Jetty, Jakarta EE, and the other enterprise Java open source projects hosted at the Eclipse Foundation such as MicroProfile, Eclipse GlassFish, Eclipse Vert.x, Eclipse Adoptium, and many more.

Here are a few quick links to help you get started:

  • To download Eclipse Jetty 11 or previous versions, visit the downloads page.
  • To get involved in Jetty, visit the project website.
  • To learn more about the benefits of joining the Jakarta EE Working Group, visit the membership page.