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Eclipse Foundation Support for the Black Community

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 - 10:00 by Mike Milinkovich

The events of the past several weeks have reminded us yet again that racism remains a reality in our society. It is terribly sad and frustrating to be reminded that in 2020 hate and injustice still rule the lives of so many. It is heartbreaking that we even have to say “Black lives matter”. I and the Eclipse Foundation stand in solidarity with the Black community and will continue our efforts to provide an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming community for all.

I encourage everyone in the Eclipse community to listen and learn from our colleagues who have experienced racism, whether personally or professionally. It is only by opening our hearts and our minds to the experiences of others that we can overcome fear and bias.

For sixteen years the Eclipse Foundation has been home to an open, welcoming, and diverse community. But we all can, and must, do more to reject discrimination and foster mutual understanding and respect. I am committed to furthering the discussion and encourage foundation staff and the broader Eclipse community to contact me with ideas about how we can become more inclusive.