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Eclipse and OpenAtom: Pioneering Open Source Innovation

Tuesday, January 30, 2024 - 07:55 by Mike Milinkovich

We’re thrilled to share that the Eclipse Foundation has signed a collaboration agreement with the OpenAtom Foundation, China’s first open source foundation. Together, we will be driving the development of Oniro, an open source project that builds upon the versatile OpenHarmony operating system. Our aim is to create a modular and globally compatible operating system platform and ecosystem, catering to a wide spectrum of smart devices.

Oniro is more than an open source project. To our knowledge, this marks the first instance of two open source foundations engaging in such detailed technical collaboration – a significant step towards cultivating a global ecosystem for open intelligent devices. The collaborative approach not only ensures a competitive landscape, but also opens doors for participation by organisations worldwide, affirming the far-reaching impact of open source on technical innovation.

OpenHarmony: A Robust Platform

OpenHarmony shines in its versatility, offering robust support for a wide array of smart devices that not only showcases scalability, but also highlights its adaptability. Designed for scalable management of distributed systems, OpenHarmony stands out as a flexible platform capable of accommodating IoT solutions of varying scale.

In recent years, OpenHarmony has made some noteworthy advancements. It’s been certified in over 200 devices and now supports more than 40 development boards. With a vibrant community of over 6,200 contributors and over 16 million lines of code, it has fostered 42 distributions and played a pivotal role in launching over 200 devices.

Oniro: Tailoring OpenHarmony for Western Markets

The goal of the Oniro Project is to elevate the OpenHarmony platform by developing a suite of Western market-focused modifications and add-ons, while preserving compatibility with the core platform. This dynamic collaboration encompasses advancements in application frameworks, system-level components, software development tools, and a toolchain ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance, intellectual property compliance, and licensing.

As per Statista’s 2023 forecast, the worldwide count of connected devices is anticipated to nearly double by 2030, reaching an impressive 29.42 billion IoT devices. Oniro is well positioned to actively participate in this expansive growth with strong execution of the 3 fundamental principles on which this project is built: seamless interoperability, modularization, and a visually appealing user interface. These principles not only embody the core mission of Oniro, but also position it as the go-to option for a broad range of applications, including consumer electronics, home appliances, industrial IoT devices, smart home devices, and multimedia devices.

Join the Innovation Journey

As OpenHarmony and Oniro join forces, exciting times are ahead. We invite you to be part of this journey, contribute your ideas, and participate in the magic that unfolds when open source organisations collaborate. Stay tuned for more updates as we collectively build a future where innovation knows no bounds!