The Oniro Project: Highlights from EclipseCon 2023

Friday, November 17, 2023 - 11:33 by Juan Rico

The Oniro Project recently enjoyed a strong presence at EclipseCon 2023, a highly-anticipated gathering of innovators and enthusiasts in the FOSS arena. Throughout the week we engaged in exciting demos, numerous insightful talks and hosted the Oniro Birds of a Feather event, which provided an opportunity for Working Group members to connect with and share the journey and aspirations with other members of our supportive community.


During the event, we showcased Oniro's progress through a series of dynamic live demos. Our presentation highlighted recent integrations with technologies like Eclipse Kanto and Eclipse hawkBit, alongside support for React Native, which enables developers to easily craft applications for our platform. We also ventured into the IoT ecosystem by integrating with Smarter's smart kettle, showcasing Oniro's versatility in smart home applications. 


To further demonstrate the potential of Oniro, we presented an array of devices powered by Oniro's core layer - the OpenHarmony operating system. This lineup included engaging 2D games running on the Cocos engine, a tablet with a detachable keyboard, and the highlight: a robot dog that mirrors the behavior of our beloved pets, which captured everyone's attention. Additionally, we offered a sneak peek into the Servo web engine based on the Rust language that is being integrated with Oniro. This preview not only showcased our technical prowess, but also reinforced our commitment to innovation in the digital landscape.


Our EclipseCon presentations offered an excellent forum to engage with fellow enthusiasts and delve into the exciting developments at Oniro. We explored the Oniro roadmap, highlighted the role of React Native as a future-proof framework for app development and discussed the significance of OpenHarmony in today's technology landscape. The innovative 'IP compliance toolchain' sparked significant interest,  showcasing Oniro’s innovative approach to effectively managing intellectual property in open source projects. The overwhelmingly positive response led to a lively exchange of experiences and valuable insights from the audience.


Our participation at EclipseCon underscored the vital role that communities play in the success of Open Source Projects. We eagerly anticipate further growth and ongoing contributions within our close-knit community. A big thank you to everyone who joined us, making this event truly extraordinary.

Pictures of Eclipsecon 2023 Oniro participants, two showcasing different demos, one in the Birds of a Feather event and the main theme of Eclipse foundation It's in our code