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Eclipse Cloud DevTools Working Group Welcomes Obeo as a Strategic Member

Monday, June 6, 2022 - 13:04 by John Kellerman

The Eclipse Cloud DevTools Working Group is excited to announce its newest strategic member, Obeo.

Obeo has been a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation since 2009, where they lead several projects such as Acceleo and Sirius and participate in many other projects in order to enable efficient and seamless domain specific graphical modeling tools. In addition to their technical commitment, they also contribute to the development of the Eclipse ecosystem by participating in several committees, such as the Eclipse Board of Directors, EclipseCon Program Committee, and Architecture and Planning Council, and by organizing international events such as Capella Days and SiriusCon, whose 5th edition will be held online the 14th and 15th of June.

In the last 13 years, the efforts of the Eclipse Modeling community has enabled the emergence of hundreds of desktop modeling tools, both commercial and open source. Some of them, like Eclipse Capella, are being adopted worldwide.  As we are shift from desktop-based tools to web-based tools, major barriers to adoption are lowered. This presents the need for a new generation of modeling technologies. Obeo sees, through their work on Sirius Web, both how much of a potential there is in such web-based tools, and how much effort still remains before reaching the wide range of features a desktop-based tool currently has.

Obeo considers building and sharing open source software as the most efficient way to build persistent and high quality technologies lasting several decades. Pursuant, Obeo believes a Modeling Special Interest Group within the Eclipse Cloud Development Working Group is the right vessel to collaborate with partners sharing this goal. Stay tuned for this!