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The 2021 Eclipse Community Newsletter Calendar

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - 09:59 by Jacob Harris

2021 is off to an exciting start at the Eclipse Foundation, with the formal establishment of the Eclipse Foundation AISBL, the launch of our IoT and Edge Commercial Adoption Survey, and several other initiatives in progress. 

To help you keep track of everything going on in the Eclipse community, we’re publishing the 2021 editorial calendar for the Eclipse Community Newsletter. Here is what you can expect in your inbox each month:


eclipse community newsletter

Share Your Feedback!

As always, this schedule is subject to change.

We are always trying to improve the newsletter and provide you with interesting and relevant content. With that in mind, please share your feedback with us and provide suggestions on what kind of subject matter we should focus on in future editions of the Community Newsletter.

Don’t see a topic that you would like us to explore in one of our upcoming editions? Let us know!

Changes Are Coming

Late last year, we gave the email version of our newsletter a fresh new look, and now we’re starting the process of updating our newsletter homepage to make it easier to navigate and improve your reading experience. Look out for these updates in the coming months!

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