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North America JUG Tour 2023 – Montreal 🇨🇦

Friday, September 22, 2023 - 21:24 by Ivar Grimstad

The fifth, and last, step of the North America JUG Tour 2023 was Montreal and Montreal JUG. We were a little worried about having a JUG Meetup on a Friday, but Montreal didn’t let us down. This was the biggest crowd on the tour. May have something with the free beer and pizza, but we like to think that it was because of the speakers…

Gerrit talked about CRaC, which is an OpenJDK project that is about creating a checkpoint when the Java Virtual Machine is optimized, and then restoring from that checkpoint when starting up the application later. Hence reducing the startup- and warmup time of Java applications.

We had plans to do some coding between the sessions on the tour and maybe present Jakarta EE on CRaC at some point. It turned out that moving to a new location every day kind of didn’t leave any time for serious coding, so that is something we will do later. Stay tuned!

That meant that I did the Migrating from Spring Boot 2 to Spring Boot 3 talk. It is a fun talk to do, and I usually add some small stuff each time. The Java 21 additions are very popular this close to the release. I may have to start using some Java 22 features soon. Check out the slides for the talk on SpeakerDeck.

The tour is done, and tomorrow we will split parts and go home. Gerrit will fly a little backwards going to San Francisco, then Frankfurt and Münster. I will go to Newark and then Copenhagen and Malmö.