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North America JUG Tour 2023 – Detroit 🇺🇸

Thursday, September 21, 2023 - 07:57 by Ivar Grimstad

The third stop on the North America JUG Tour 2023 was Detroit and the Detroit Java User Group.

Gerrit did the Jungle talk about all the available distributions of OpenJDK. It is a talk you really should attend if he is at a conference near you and you are wondering which JDK to choose. Directly after, I did the migration talk from Spring Boot 2 to Spring Boot 3. I even spiced up the demo by using Java 21 and demoed how to use preview features in a Spring Boot application. Check out the slides from my talk.

I enjoy being on these trips when you check in to the next flight before you disembark the current one and you have to rely on the hotel app to remember what room number you have this time. I was lucky in New York this time as I got the exact number I had in my hotel in Las Vegas. Easy to remember. Not so lucky thereafter. Both Gerrit and I ended up taking the elevator to the wrong floor in Detroit, which happened to be the floor we stayed at in Newark the day before 🙂