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Jakarta EE Developer Survey 2024

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 - 06:59 by Ivar Grimstad

The 2024 Jakarta EE Developer Survey is now open! Through this annual survey, we want to gather valuable insights into the needs, priorities, and requirements of the enterprise Java developer community. 

For the past seven years, we have collected insights from thousands of developers around the world that have helped the Jakarta EE Working Group foster an environment that supports the evolution and growth of cloud-native Java technologies.

The survey covers topics such as:
– Programming languages used alongside Java
– Usage patterns and migration plans
– Java applications in the cloud
– Architectural approaches for Java applications in the cloud
– Java frameworks and runtimes for cloud-native applications

In last year’s Jakarta EE Developer Survey, 17% of the respondents indicated that they had made the move to Jakarta EE 10. We are interested to see how this number has grown since then. 

We are also taking a look at which tools developers are using to migrate to Jakarta EE, such as the Apache Tomcat Migration Tool, Eclipse Transformer, and more.

Our community’s feedback is instrumental in guiding the development and improvement of Jakarta EE, ensuring it continues to meet and exceed the expectations of developers and organisations worldwide. Your feedback can lead to enhancements that directly benefit your projects and organisation.

This survey is open to all professionals who work with Java, regardless of their role, industry, or location. That’s why we are once again making the survey available in not just English, but also Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese. We encourage everyone from developers to operations managers, architects to C-level executives, to share their insights and experiences. Diverse perspectives will enrich the findings and help tailor Jakarta EE’s evolution to the community’s needs.

Take the 2024 Jakarta EE Developer Survey today!
Open Until: May 31, 2024

We deeply appreciate your time and insights. Together, we can continue to drive the success and innovation of cloud-native Java for enterprises around the globe.