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Hashtag Jakarta EE #186

Sunday, July 23, 2023 - 05:59 by Ivar Grimstad

Welcome to issue number one hundred and eighty-six of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The weekly update on the current status of plan reviews for specifications targeting Jakarta EE 11. (Snapshot from Sunday, July 23, 2023):

Plan Approved
Jakarta Authentication 3.1
Jakarta Authorization 3.0
Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection 4.1
Jakarta Data 1.0 *
Jakarta Expression Language 6.0
Jakarta Faces 5.0
Jakarta Interceptors 2.2
Jakarta MVC 3.0 *
Jakarta NoSQL 1.0
Jakarta Pages 4.0
Jakarta Persistence 3.2
Jakarta RESTful Web Services 4.0
Jakarta WebSocket 2.2

Under Review
Jakarta Security 4.0 (ballot)
Jakarta Servlet 6.1 (ballot)

Ready for Review
Jakarta Bean Validation 3.1 (PR)
Jakarta Concurrency 3.1 (PR)

Jakarta Annotations 3.0
Jakarta EE Platform 11 (PR)
Jakarta EE Web Profile 11 (PR)
Jakarta EE Core Profile 11 (PR)

There are thirteen approved plans just as last week, so there is nothing new there this week. But we have two on ballot, and an additional two just waiting to be started. The only one missing so far is Jakarta Annotations in addition to the three plan reviews for Jakarta EE Platform, Jakarta EE Web Profile, and Jakarta EE Core Profile.

* The three specifications that are candidates for inclusion in Jakarta EE 11 are Jakarta Data (discussion), Jakarta MVC (discussion), and Jakarta NoSQL (discussion). The one that has sparked the most discussion on its thread is Jakarta Data.

Jakarta Data

For me, Jakarta Data is an obvious addition to Jakarta EE! Just look at Spring Data, which has been around for more than a decade. By hiding data store specific implementation details and generating boilerplate code, it lets the developer focus on the business logic. It has proved that the model works, and has established itself as more or less an industry standard. A mature programming mode that is ready for inclusion in Jakarta EE.

As you can see from this informal Twitter poll, more than 85% of the respondents would like to see Jakarta Data 1.0 included in Jakarta EE 11.

The Java Community Process (JCP) celebrates its 25-year anniversary this year! To commemorate the anniversary, there are two special categories for the annual JCP Awards:

  • JCP 25-year Achievement Award
  • Java in Education Community Award

These are in addition to the annual awards:

  • JCP Member/Participant of the Year
  • JCP Spec Lead/JSR of the Year

The winners will be selected by the Executive Committee and announced in September. Nominate your candidate now!