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Hashtag Jakarta EE #181

Sunday, June 18, 2023 - 05:59 by Ivar Grimstad

Welcome to issue number one hundred and eighty-one of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

The scope of Jakarta EE 11 is taking shape. Here is an update on the current status of the plan reviews for specifications targeting Jakarta EE 11 (Snapshot from Sunday, June 18, 2023):

Plan Approved
Jakarta Data 1.0
Jakarta NoSQL 1.0

Jakarta RESTful Web Services 4.0

On Ballot
Jakarta Authentication 3.1 (ballot)
Jakarta Pages 4.0 (ballot)
Jakarta Persistence 3.2 (ballot)

Ready for Ballot
Jakarta Authorization 3.0
Jakarta Concurrency 3.1
Jakarta Contexts and Dependency Injection 4.1
Jakarta Expression Language 6.0
Jakarta Faces 5.0
Jakarta Security 4.0
Jakarta Servlet 6.1
Jakarta WebSocket 2.2
Jakarta MVC 3.0

In addition to these, we hope that there will be an update to Jakarta Bean Validation (soon to be renamed to Jakarta Validation btw) to ensure that Validation works as expected with records.

Next week, I will be in Eastern Time for the Eclipse Foundation yearly all-hands in Ottawa. All staff will meet there to sync up and enable us to serve the Community in the best way possible. All usual activities, such as the weekly Jakarta EE Platform Call will go on as usual.

The week after, I will speak at the Amsterdam JUG since I am in Amsterdam speaking at GOTO Amsterdam that week anyway.