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Hashtag Jakarta EE #133

Sunday, July 17, 2022 - 05:59 by Ivar Grimstad

Welcome to issue number one hundred and thirty-three of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

GlassFish 7.0.0-M7 passes the Jakarta EE 10 Platform TCK. The issues that are left affect the TCKs for Jakarta EE 10 Web- and Core Profiles. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but it is hard to predict precisely when these issues will be resolved. The best way to stay informed is to join the platform call on Tuesdays and/or follow the mailing lists, and of course follow the Hasthag Jakarta EE blog series.

The proposal for the Jakarta Data specification has completed the community review, and it is now being prepared for creation review ballot by the Jakarta EE Specification Committee. All according to the Jakarta EE Specification Process (JESP).

The Registration for EclipseCon 2022 is now OPEN! Make sure to register in order to save you spot at the event happening in Ludwigsburg in October. There are some great Jakarta EE talks for you to attend. And, as always, a bunch of other topics as well.

And, if you are into running, I will arrange a Jakarta EE Community Morning run at least one of the days of the conference. Look out for #runWithJakartaEE on social media when we’re closer to the event.

Next up for me, if the traveling gods are still with me, is JBCNConf in Barcelona from July 18 to 20. I will present a talk titled Jakarta EE 10 – Feature by Feature, and Tanja will present Jakarta EE: Community Power and Progress.

Here’s some good news if you are a sucker for cool swag. While I was at the Eclipse Foundation All Hands meeting this week, I picked up a bunch of swag to give away at the upcoming conferences. When I checked in to my flight at Ottawa Airport, I discovered that mouse pads are heavier than they look. Solved it by taking them as hand luggage. Part of the story is that my baggage is loaded with maple syrup, so it was already quite heavy ?