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GeeCON 2024

Saturday, May 18, 2024 - 03:01 by Ivar Grimstad

My visit to beautiful Kraków for GeeCON 2024 was a pretty short one since it was the second conference I spoke at in two days. And I wasn’t the only speaker taking the route between Köln and Kraków, or the other way around. That’s how it is during conference season.

I did a brand new talk at GeeCON called The Final Frontier of Web Development – React Server Components vs Jakarta EE. I think it went fairly well despite the fact that I am on a little thin ice when it comes to the bleeding edge of JavaScript frameworks. I think I got the message through that this industry is on this eternal hamster wheel reinventing things over and over again with a new cooler name.

Before going over to the conference, I went for a nice morning run in the park on the outskirts of Kraków. May is the best month to visit this city. It is warm and sunny, but not too hot yet.

GeeCON is a very friendly and well-run conference by organizers that truly make you feel welcome. There is a lot of socializing among the speakers, attendees, and organizers.