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EclipseCon 2023 – Day 3

Thursday, October 19, 2023 - 11:31 by Ivar Grimstad

Day 3 of EclipseCon 2023 was a bit quieter than the previous ones. I guess some of the attendees returned home early after a couple of intense conference days.

Emily and I hosted a panel session about MicroProfile and Jakarta EE. Since the two of us were the only panelists, it turned into a dialogue on stage. In my opinion, this format works much better than a normal panel session with a moderator and all that comes with it. After a short introduction about what to expect from the next releases of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile, we started by asking each other questions we had prepared in advance. That is, we prepared them without letting the other know what we were going to ask until we asked the question on stage. We also mixed in questions from the audience as we went.

My talk titled Prepare for Jakarta EE 11 was fairly well attended taking into consideration that it was scheduled in one of the last slots of the conference. I gave an overview of what to expect from all the updated specifications in Jakarta EE 11. A little extra attention was given to Jakarta Data since this is the only new specification in this release, and there is already a working implementation out there to use in a demo. Check out the slides from the talk on SpeakerDeck.

And, no EclipsCon day without the morning run. This time, Emily, Gesine, and I had a very pleasant run in almost summer-like temperatures, or at least that is how it felt since it was about 10 degrees warmer than the previous days.