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EclipseCon 2023 – Day 1

Wednesday, October 18, 2023 - 03:45 by Ivar Grimstad

On the first day of EclipseCon 2023, Tanja and I had a three-hour Jakarta EE Workshop. Since this was the very first time we did this workshop, we were a little unsure of it would go. It turned out to go very well, even if the material was a little too extensive. Most participants were able to complete about half of the tasks during the three hours. But since it is a self-paced workshop, they will be able to complete it at any time later.

The rest of the conference day was mostly filled by the hallway track for my part. It is the best way to engage with new and old friends in the community.

#runWithJakartaEE is everywhere, and at EclipseCon there is an opportunity to run every morning. The informal Emily challenge is to join the run every day of the conference. Usually, Emily is the only one able to complete the challenge and wins it every year. Hence the name.
On day two of EclipseCon 2023, Emily and I were joined by Gesine and Gaël.