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Devoxx Belgium 2023

Friday, October 6, 2023 - 05:59 by Ivar Grimstad

The 20th edition of Devoxx Belgium is a wrap! As always, an amazing conference with exceptional speakers providing state-of-the-art content. I was so lucky to get two sessions and a BOF into this year’s edition. The first talk was a brand new one about what’s coming in Jakarta EE 11. Check out the slides for this talk below. In the months to come, the deck will be updated according to the progress of the release, as well as more demos will be added to the talk.

Almost directly after this talk, I hosted thethe Jakarta EE Community BOF with Edwin Derks. These late night (after a long day at Devoxx 19:00 feels like late night) are rarely well attended. But the upside is that those that come are really interested and motivated, so the outcome is always great.

The second talk I had at this year’s Devoxx was very well attended. I guess it helps having Spring in the title. The talk I did was the one where I migrate an application based on Spring Boot 2 to Spring Boot 3 with focus on the namespace change introduced by Jakarta EE 9. Even the slides from this talk is linked below..

On Wednesday morning, a sporty gang of seven met up outside Antwerpen Central at 06:45 to go for a 5K morning run. In the spirit of celebrating Cinnamon Roll Day (October 4), I had planned a run that (with a little imagination) created a GPS track in the form of a cinnamon roll. Looking more closely, it sort of reminds a little of Duke…